Saturday, 14 May 2016

Clipping the ticket: lamb

The menu tonight included a rack of New Zealand LAMB, and we couldn’t resist it -we’ve only been away from home for three weeks, but it had an immediate nostalgic appeal at the end of a cold day. And the kiwi couple we were sharing the table with were perhaps even more interested as Dick farms sheep.

I don’t think the photo does justice to the delightful presentation of the three wee lamb ribs that appeared as one of the many courses. The jus, mint crust and creamy potatoes were to be expected, but we were intrigued by the sprig of rosemary fried tempura style.

In the course of the meal we heard from Dick that he got $5/kilo for selling his lambs, on average $80 per lamb. And it costs more than that to raise it. Not easy to make money from them.

At the end of the meal the chef, Johnny, came out to check how the kiwi contingent had received his dish and of course we congratulated him - cooked to perfection.  We chatted a little and Dick asked the question: “How much did he pay for the racks of lamb?”

$117 New Zealand Dollars per kilo
( 70 euro/kilo, but I have calculated the exchange rate on the day.)

Something is not right here!

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