Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cologne Cathedral

The Gothic Cologne Cathedral drew the eye as we sailed into the city of Cologne.  The skyline is a mix of modern and ancient structures, but once we were on shore we were keen to walk to the cathedral and explore it inside. Construction began in 1248, and was worked on in several stages over 7 centuries and was not completed until 1880. It reminded us of Notre Dame in Paris. 

The scaffolding outside is apparently a permanent sight as the exterior requires ongoing upkeep and renovation. This magnificent building emerged intact from the bombings during the war.

Inside, the structure is awe inspiring and one of its claims to fame is that relics of the Three Wise Men were brought to the city in 1164 and are enshrined here.

NB: The image below has been uploaded in original format, so should open large enough to read if clicked on....

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