Thursday, 9 June 2016

Local Produce

We had been looking forward to the food Sicily is renowned for and it did not disappoint. We shopped at the local markets, supermarkets, gelato shops and bars (which are a very different place from a bar in NZ) and on the side of the road.

The tomatoes are always amazing in Italy and the fruit was fabulous too.

We provided amusement for the people at the supermarket with our shopping conversations involving a great deal of mime and some Google Translate. Twice I brought home meat to cook that we never did find out what it actually was - but it tasted great.

It was a bit tricky only having a frying pan and a gas ring, but we managed to create a camp oven out of it when needed.

I do like the way meat, salami and cheese is presented when you buy it from the butcher or supermarket. It comes sliced to your requirements and neatly laid out in layers between sheets of grease proof paper then rolled and wrapped - see the photos on the right.  

It sure beats polystyrene.

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