Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wedding in Agrigento

During lunch today at Trattoria Il Vicolo in Agrigento we were intrigued to have a bride and groom walk up the steep stairs past us - bride in a gorgeous Italian gown and groom in glamourous military uniform - followed by a crowd of paparazzi. We had no idea if this was normal for an Italian wedding, or if we were in the midst of celebrities, and had no way of finding out with our limited Italian.

They waved and smiled at us and the owners responded affirmatively to my gestures that I would like to go and join the paparazzi, so I took some pics, including the one here that deliberately includes some of the photographers.

Nice memory and we went on our way after a great lunch.

When we returned to the carpark - deserving another story and salute to Russell safely negotiating crazy building - I noticed the church next door was now covered in flowers and had a huge florist van outside. It looked like preparation for a wedding, so, after checking with the custodian, we headed on in.

The flowers were stunning and reminded us of the work done by our friend Nat, of Flora May floral design in Auckland. We could not believe how many flowers were festooned around the church. So lots of photos were taken. 

We scuttled off as soon as we heard the first guests approaching.

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Note the little containers for rice/confetti

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