Sunday, 24 April 2016

About Time

The must have accessory for this trip is the Apple Watch.  I had been looking forward to visiting an Apple Store in the USA and buying it at half the price we get ripped off for purchasing one in New Zealand. And a trip to an Apple Store is always a tourist attraction in its own right.

So it was a surprise to discover that the Waikiki Apple store considers it quite a privilege to allow you to take one of their items home - even if you offer to pay!  Inducing
them to consider selling something to us was hard enough, but we pretty much had to force them to open their cupboards and admit they had a variety of styles and options available in the store. We did persist, and after quite some time were able to convince them that I was worthy of their product (actually not sure that I ever did that!) and walked out the happy possessor of a watch that has become the regulator of every step I take and bite I eat.

Oh, and it tells the time in as many time zones as I care to programme in.

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