Wednesday, 27 April 2016


‘Iolani School

This is a private K-12 school which is like St Kentigern on steroids, and is how the other half goes to school.
We went there to see their Maker Space - a four story purposed designed $20M Maker Space. The ground floor is pure Maker Space meets hard materials meets Auckland Uni Product Accelerator. It has laser cutters, fabricators, every kind of big expensive doohicky imaginable. Imagine a school with a water powered steel cutter.

Not a place I would go and boast about our 2 tiny 3D printers!
About 150 kids a week go through this building in class sizes of about 15 with 2 teachers around all the time.

The second floor was a space aged Library which also contains the archives.
The Library seating left the Koru Lounge for dead!

And then we visited Tusitala…. Wow. The woman in the picture is their Donna. Her full time job is to look after visitors. To the school? No. To just this building. She’s happy because the Tusitala furniture is all on wheels so it’s easy for her to re-configure.
There is a chef who looks after the commestibles.
The TV trolleys in their Tusitala will give Garth Screen and Trolley Envy. A bit hard to tell from the pic how large they are. Let’s just settle for enormous.

The 3rd floor is where you take the robots you’ve built to battle it out and has break rooms and lots of space to do things with the things you’ve made.

The 4th floor is robotics central and also has the most amazing hydroponic roof gardens for their garden to table project.

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