Friday, 22 April 2016

Farewell from friends

The wonderful Anne Sinclair sent us on our way with this blessing:...

Dorothy and Russell
Farewell, adieu we wish you bon voyage
A flight and then Hawaiian massage
Poolside Maitais to quench the thirst
Relax then onto the States you burst
Where work awaits you but of course
You will be ready to talk of the source
Learn Create Share and Class OnAir
MDTA, affordances and cool Digital fare

But out and about to see the sights
Dinner and wine and and lots of late nights
Back on a plane and off for a cruise
Turn off your phone and soak up the views
Forget everything and be a touriste
Make the most of a veritable feast
Of Paris and London a Sicily villa
Ancient castles and the odd Roman pillar

Don’t think about us, we will work really hard
Keep your lid closed and and be on your guard
For fabulous shops with bags shoes and boots
Nightclubs and theatre and celebs in kahoots!
Enjoy yourself Dorothy come back refreshed
But not too excited with ideas increased!!
Have a great break you deserve this treat
A walk on the wildside and cool people to meet.
Go Well Have Fun!
Arrivederci, Aloha, adiós, adieu, addio, adeus, Ciao, auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, shalom

Thanks to Anne and all the MDTA teachers for your blessings and send off.  I will miss you all, but I plan to be back :)

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