Friday, 22 April 2016


Best part of heading north on holiday is gaining a day, so for us it meant a three day weekend.  This is the first time we have stayed in Waikiki - an apartment we found on Trip Advisor - back from the beach about 5 minutes walk. The owner left all the necessary beach toys and tools, so we headed for the beach on Friday.

Waikiki will probably be a one-off for us. An enjoyable experience and a beautiful beach, but the crowds in the water and on the sand reflect this. A fascinating people watching activity and great to be swimming in warm water again, but not first choice beach experience.

Interesting side note of Waikiki is the noise - endless construction beginning early in the morning and going into the night, and inescapable. You need to be a good sleeper or have some great pills with you! One friend told us she sold her apartment and moved out of Waikiki area because of the construction noise.

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